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Welcome to the exciting world of X-Shishas in the Aladin Shisha Shop! Discover the ultimate smoking experience 2.0 with the X-Shisha from X-Bar and immerse yourself in a fusion of traditional hookah enjoyment and state-of-the-art technology.

With the unique X-Bar pod system, you can experience pure flavour without charcoal, embers or water - a revolutionary vaping experience. The X-Shisha revolutionises vaping!

Thanks to the innovative 2-pod system, you can enjoy not just one, but even two different or identical flavours at the same time. The two separate pods, each with a capacity of 7ml, open up countless possible combinations - whether fruity, tangy or sweet. Share this unique experience with a friend and everyone can choose their own favourite flavour!

The 3000mAh battery ensures long-lasting vaping pleasure, while the USB-C quick charge function makes the X-Shisha ready for use again in no time at all. Despite its powerful technology, the E-Hookah impresses with its compact dimensions of 200 x 200 x 50 mm. Enhance your vaping experience with the fascinating LED lighting, which is not only visually impressive, but also creates the perfect ambience when vaping. The X-Shisha will be the eye-catcher of every party - every puff a luminous experience. The X-Shisha is not just for you alone!

Enjoy a wide range of exquisite flavours from fruity explosions to refreshing mint notes. Operate the X-Shisha with two different pods at the same time and avoid the restrictions of a classic hookah, where you have to agree on one flavour. With 7 ml of French premium e-liquid, the pods specially developed for X-Bar X-Shishas are the best choice for extended vaping sessions. Experience up to 3000 flavourful puffs per pod with a filling quantity of 7 ml, nicotine-free and with various flavours such as Blueberry, Double Apple, Energy Drink and more. The X-Shisha is compact, lightweight and wireless.

With a battery that lasts for several hours, it is ready for use anywhere - whether at home, in the bar, in the park, on the beach on holiday or at a garden party. The X-Shisha will delight your friends! Experience a new dimension of vaping with the X-Shisha from X-Bar and enjoy unrivalled flavour in an innovative design. Order your X-Shisha now and take your hookah experience to the next level!

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