Steamulation Pro X III

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Steamulation Pro X III Shishas

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The Steamulation Pro X III shishas serve as the upgraded successors of the renowned Steamulation Pro X II product line. Superior in quality just like other Steamulation offerings, they are recognized for their sleek aesthetics and concealed features.

The Pro X III is noted for its vast range of features and its adaptability to various settings.

Among the numerous features is the innovative Purge Pro valve, designed to allow users to discharge stale smoke without dismantling the valve balls from the shisha bowl. The automated valves of all four hose connectors function perfectly in both directions. Furthermore, the shisha can regulate overpressure by integrating the unoccupied hose connectors with the blow-off system. Draft regulation at each individual connection is afforded by the Steamulation Airflow Control.

With the advance Dip Tube Control, you can control the dip tube's length. There are 9 unique setting alternatives to cater to your personalized smoking experience. The Steamulation Cooling Diffuser, another new addition, autonomously cools the tobacco. Moreover, the shisha features a plug adapter compatible with both your Pro X III and all other standard plug bowls, including future Steamulation plug bowls. The fast-acting SteamClick 360 latch of the Steamulation Pro X III is touted as the quickest locking system globally.

The bowl employs high-grade crystal glass.

An 18/8 cut atop of the smoke column provides the option to attach a molasses catcher to your Pro X III.

In line with Steamulation's commitment to excellence, every shisha is imbued with a unique serial number for quality assurance.

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