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Hookahs by Steamulation

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The hookahs offered by Steamulation are undeniably top-tier and premium.

The exceptional quality of Steamulation products is evident at first glance, with the intricate features of the hookahs leaving you mesmerized.
Each piece is crafted using the finest materials and a good deal of the manufacturing process takes place in Germany, thus ensuring the made in Germany guarantee. Steamulation employs materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum, crystal glass, V2A, and V4A stainless steel in their shishas, creating a unique finished product.

Apart from high-quality construction, Steamulation shishas are packed with a host of exclusive features and innovative technologies. This includes the unique valve system and the specially designed click lock SteamClick 360.
Even the diffuser in Steamulation products is a cleverly designed system with Tobacco Cutting Technology to prevent blockages from tobacco pieces.

In our web store, a diverse range of Steamulation hookahs in various sizes and colors are available for purchase.

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