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Savu Shisha

Purchase Savu Shisha Tobacco from the Shisha Tabak Online Store

Experience an exceptional quality of hookah tobacco, crafted in Germany. Savu, the Finnish term for "Smoke", is a DuCe brand product that maintains high production standards.
A consistently superior quality is guaranteed as the Virginia Class 1 base tobacco is purposely cultivated for Savu. When combined with superior processing and powerful flavor profiles, it results in a tasty hookah tobacco that offers voluminous clouds complemented by a superior cut.

Notably, the 2ana blend is known as an especially robust double apple variant with a distinct anise undertone. It assures a lasting, intensely satisfying taste.

The medium to fine cut ensures an effortless setup.

At our Shishatabak Onlineshop, you can purchase Savu Hookah Tobacco in a variety of flavors.

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