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Tobacco by Revoshi

Purchase Your Revoshi Shisha Tobacco from Shisha Tabak Onlineshop

In the recent past, Revoshi Tabacco has successfully carved a niche for itself within the German tobacco industry.

Originating from Turkey, the manufacturer enthralls with potent taste, uniformity in cut, and excellent resistance to high temperatures.

The storage in resealable and hermetically sealed cans ensures that the Revoshi Tobacco maintains continued freshness over a prolonged period.

Browse through our captivating selection of premium shisha tobacco, conveniently made available in 25g packs. Our array of flavors promises to teleport you to an odyssey of scent sensations.

To those with a preference for indulging their preferred flavors in larger volumes, we propose our exclusive 250g sets. These collections comprise 10 packs of luxury shisha tobacco and provide the opportunity to bulk buy your preferred choices. Armed with our 250g sets, you have enough to invite your friends over for memorable shisha experiences or to enjoy long smoking sessions in an intimate setting.

The Shisha Tabak Onlineshop provides you with an array of Revoshi's house-made hookah tobacco flavours to purchase from.

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