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mmerse yourself in the world of the GZUZ Pod System in the Aladin Shisha Shop. This unique vape pod system is your bridge to an intense vaping experience, inspired by the legendary flavours of GZUZ disposable vapes. Designed as a rechargeable pod system, it offers you the ideal alternative to the conventional disposable e-cigarette, paired with the flexibility and quality you deserve.

The GZUZ pods not only give you access to a new dimension of flavour, but also the freedom to customise your vape experience. Each 2-pack of Prefilled Liquid Pods is designed specifically for the Alibia Pod base device as well as the Elfbar ELFA base device, so you can be sure to enjoy a seamless and satisfying vaping experience. The pods, filled with 2 ml of the best liquid and a nicotine strength of 20 mg/ml, guarantee up to 700 intense puffs per pod.

The GZUZ pods in the Aladin Shisha Shop are more than just an e-cigarette. They are a statement for all those who not only value outstanding flavour and quality, but also a strong connection to the music and culture of the 187 street gang. The GZUZ Pod System is the perfect choice for fans and vapers looking for a reliable, stylish and powerful vaping solution.

Discover the GZUZ Pod System in the Aladin Shisha Shop now and be inspired by the powerful flavours each pod has to offer. Whether you want to rediscover the depth and intensity of the GZUZ flavours or express your passion for the 187 street gang - with the GZUZ pods you will always make the right choice.


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