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Alibia ADAI Vape Pod Systems - E-Cigarettes

Alibia ADAI - Vape Pod Systems - buy at Aladin Shisha Shop

Discover the freedom of vaping with the Alibia ADAI Pod System, now available in the Aladin Shisha Shop. This innovative pod system sets new standards in the world of e-cigarettes. Whether you are an experienced vaper or just starting out, the Alibia ADAI Pod System offers you an easy, safe and enjoyable e-cigarette experience.

At the heart of this system is the Alibia base unit, a powerful battery designed for a wide range of prefilled liquid pods. Compatible with Alibia liquid pods, including ADAI, Haftbar and GZUZ pods, as well as the popular ELFA pods, this system offers unrivalled versatility. The 2ml liquid pods come in a plethora of flavours - from exotic fruits to creamy desserts and refreshing drinks, making every puff an unrivalled experience.

With a battery capacity of 500 mAh and convenient charging via USB Type C, you'll always be ready for the next puff. The Alibia ADAI Pod System is characterised by its increased safety with a 3-pull on/off switch that allows you to use it worry-free.

The ADAI pods, specially developed for the Alibia and ELFA base device, offer up to 700 puffs with 20 mg/ml nicotine and a filling quantity of 2 ml. Choose from a variety of flavours such as Raspberry Cherry, Double Apple, Macaron and many more to personalise your vaping experience.

Dive into the world of vapes and discover the Alibia ADAI Pod System in the Aladin Shisha Shop. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of Vanilla Ice Cream, are looking for the exotic flavour of Dragonfruit or want to enjoy the freshness of Lime Ice - the Alibia ADAI Pod System has something for everyone. Take the first step into a world of flavour, safety and style.

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