Oblako M Phunnel

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Oblako M Phunnel Shisha Bowls

Oblako M Phunnel available at the Shisha Tabak Onlineshop

Oblako, a well-established Russian brand, crafts top-notch shisha bowls. They offer an array of phunnels in a variety of sizes and hues.
These bowls are not only crafted to perfection but also boast an aesthetically pleasing design, making them quite the visual treat.

A bowl with a single hole, popularly referred to as a phunnel, only has one hole that extends through the center of the bowl.
This design greatly reduces the amount of molasses that flows into the smoke column compared to a multi-hole design,
ensuring that a single-hole bowl doesn't get blocked.

It serves as the perfect option for those who enjoy experimenting and amplifying every facet of the aroma. A phunnel can be easily set up with a heat management attachment (HMD). This involves filling the tobacco just below the rim and then fitting the HMD and charcoal on top of the bowl.
Ensure that the diameter of the bowl is compatible with the HMD for a snug fit.

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