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Varity Hookahs by Moze

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The latest addition to our product line, the Moze Varity Hookah, comes in two models, each available in a myriad of colour options. The Lounge model features a single hose connection, while the Squad version boasts 4 hose outlets.

Your experience with the Moze Varity Hookah will leave no stone unturned. It comes with 2 different bowls and with the provision of 8 varying sleeves, you can mix and match up to 96 different combinations. You have the freedom to purchase accessories separely, thus never confining your choices to a particular colour or the count of hose connections.

The Moze Varity Hookah, with its offering of 7 distinctive blowoff varieties, ensures an unparalleled smoking encounter. Moze Shisha always aims to meet the highest quality standards for its products by sustaining regular and rigorous quality checks.

You can buy Moze Varity Hookahs in a wide range of colours on our online store.

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