Lovesticks LUVA Pod System

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Lovesticks' LUVA Pod Systems: The Ultimate E-Hookahs

Shisha Tabak Onlineshop offers Lovesticks' LUVA Vapes - Pod Systems

Dive into the universe of LUVA pod systems by Lovesticks - an excellent selection for those passionate about vaping. Our LUVA vapes from Lovesticks assortment presents an extraordinary array of possibilities to personalize your vaping journey. The Lovesticks LUVA Pod System caters to all individuals seeking diverse flavours or economical vaping options.

Changing the vaping game, the Lovesticks LUVA Pod System unites environmental consciousness, user-friendly design, and diverse flavour options. These rechargeable e-cigarettes provide a greener alternative to traditional smoking. The LUVA devices, with their integrated 400mAh battery, offer sufficient power for long-lasting vaping sessions. The inclusion of USB-C charging cable guarantees full charge within 20 minutes only.

Our LUVA pods are an eco-conscious alternative to standard disposable e-cigarettes. The pods, made from sturdy and heat-resistant PCTG material, provides a surprising 800 puffs, generally aligning with the battery longevity of the LUVA devices. The replacement of LUVA pods is a breeze, allowing you to easily discard the old pod and insert a new one with a punchy flavour profile.

The LUVA devices are incredibly user-friendly, equipped with an auto-draw function for a breezy vaping encounter. Available in various colours, these LUVA devices allow you to express your unique style.

Our LUVA pods by Lovesticks provides an astounding flavour spectrum, letting you personalize your vaping experience. From fruity to refreshing, and traditional tobacco flavours, we have something that suits everyone's preferences. With a nicotine content of 20 mg/ml, LUVA pods offer a satisfyingly rich vaping experience. Discover the universe of LUVA pods by Lovesticks, and find your favourite flavours. Echoing innovation, the Lovesticks LUVA Pod System establishes a paradigm shift in the vaping industry with its eco-friendly ethos, simplified usage, and vast flavour selection. Opt for LUVA Pod System today and venture into the sustainable future of vaping. Welcome to Lovesticks LUVA's world, where vaping is elevated to an unparalleled enjoyment.

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