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Hookah Coal Cradles

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Despite the unassuming nature of a hookah coal cradle, it poses as a highly efficient tool for your shisha set. Instead of risking dropping hot embers while moving them from the lighter to the shisha using tongs or arranging the embers on the bowl for transfer to the shisha pipe, a hookah coal cradle offers the advantage of safely conveying the embers. Particularly when you're simultaneously lighting coals for multiple shisha pipes, a cradle allows for the transportation of all ember cubes at once, much like the methods employed in hookah lounges. Our internet shop provides an array of hookah coal cradles in a variety of sizes and styles that you can purchase from us. Not only efficient, their attractive designs reconcile them as decorative pieces. Many individuals employ the coal cradle to let remaining embers burn out after a shisha session before ash disposal.

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