Carbon Mouthpieces

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Hookah Mouthpieces Made of Carbon

Shisha Tabak Onlineshop's Collection of Carbon Hookah Mouthpieces

Years ago, the hookah scene was introduced to carbon mouthpieces which have continuously evolved in design and quality. While carbon is typically used for the hookah's smoke column, the dip tube, hose connectors, and such, a carbon fiber mouthpaint is a delightful enhancement. Plus, the plethora of styles and colors enables you to match your hookah hose with your hookah unit nicely.

What makes carbon even more appealing is its lightweight quality. It not only has an appealing aesthetic quality, but it is also very light in weight. Normally, mouthpieces are not entirely constructed out of carbon; usually, the tip and connecting part are made of materials like stainless steel or aluminum. In the future, it is possible we will see a blend of carbon and resin in various color schemes in the marketplace.

If you fancy a touch of finesse, carbon mouthpieces are just the right selection for you.

Our virtual store showcases a broad array of carbon mouthpieces in different styles, all of which you can purchase from us.

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