Aluminium Mouthpieces

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Aluminium Hookah Mouthpieces

Shisha Tabak Onlineshop's Hookah Hose Handles

Aluminium made mouthpieces are hugely favoured in the hookah community.
With an optimal blend of light weight and durability, they are a top choice for many.

These aluminium mouthpieces are engineered to seamlessly integrate with normal silicone hoses. Their diverse range of designs and hues offer numerous ways to customise your hose to your liking.

Aluminium's major advantage becomes evident when you use your hookah outdoors. Due to their light weight, these mouthpieces are almost weightless and are less susceptible to breakage compared to their glass counterparts.

Naturally, maintaining the cleanliness of aluminium mouthpieces is uncomplicated. Typically, just a quick rinse with warm water would suffice.

In our web store, we have an extensive selection of distinctive aluminium mouthpieces in different styles available for purchase.

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