Charcoal Burners and Heaters

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Charcoal Heaters and Burners

Shisha Tabak Onlineshop's Curation of Charcoal Burners and Heaters

For most hookah beginners, quicklight charcoal is the initial go-to choice. However, shifting to natural hookah charcoals, primarily made out of coconut shell, is a typical move made sooner or later. To adequately ignite these natural coals, a heater or a charcoal burner becomes necessary. The well-liked versions are generally electric lighters equipped with a heating coil. Electrical heaters have earned substantial popularity over the years; their swift charcoal ignition time and simple plug-and-play operation play a massive part in this. Another viable alternative is gas burners; they shine with their suitability for outdoor usage. To safeguard your fingers from possible burns, we suggest using large coal tongs.

Adequate space around the heater or burner is essential, along with the absence of easily flammable materials in the proximity.

Our online shop offers an extensive array of diverse charcoal lighters ready for yourpurchase.

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