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Distasteful & Furious Tobacco

Purchase Distasteful & Furious Shisha Tobacco from the Shisha Tabak Onlineshop

Distasteful & Furious was once known as the acclaimed manufacturer Mad Mouse. All manufacturing is conducted in Germany under strict quality supervision. This has helped the brand develop a sizable following due to their wide range of options.

An intermediate cut coupled with the used flavorings facilitate a quick setup of the tobacco bowl and delivers an intense flavor experience.

Discover an array of premium Distasteful & Furious shisha tobacco in our collection, readily available in the handy 25g packs. Our extensive variety of flavours will take you on a fragrant journey of sensory pleasure.

If you prefer to have higher quantities of your preferred flavours, we additionally offer our unique 250g collections. Each collection features 10 packs of high-quality shisha tobacco, providing an opportunity to buy your preferred flavours in larger quantities. The 250g collections make it easier to share memorable shisha experiences with friends or cherish prolonged smoking sessions amidst a serene setting.

Our virtual store facilitates the purchase of different flavoured shisha tobacco by Distasteful & Furious.

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