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Shisha Aluminum Foil & Perforators

Purchase aluminum foil and perforators for shisha at Shisha Tabak Onlineshop

Before the advent of the ubiquitous chimney, hookah was traditionally prepared using aluminum foil. Our online marketplace features a wide range of unique aluminum foils meant specifically for hookah use. Generally, these are thicker and tear-resistant compared to regular aluminum foils. For instance, our heavy-duty foil exceeds the thickness of standard household aluminum foils by fourfold. If you opt for non-pre-perforated foil, we recommend purchasing an aluminum stick or puncher as well. You will discover that we carry various styles, with some capable of creating flawless perforations for typical clay bowls with one single press. You can adjust the heat intake and air circulation in the bowl based on the size and number of holes, this allows you to better control and release specific flavors from your shisha tobacco.

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