Aladin Epox 360

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Aladin Epox 360 Hookahs

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Our Epox 360 models are crafted from high-quality stainless steel and feature a smoke column made from exquisite epoxy resin. The package includes a silicone hose set and a tobacco head set with chimney attachment. The individual models vary in the color of the smoke column. The difference between this model and the Pro models is merely the epoxy resin sleeve with holes. So, only one sleeve is provided. Instead of 10 blowoffs, there are only 9. Everything else remains the same.

You have the ability to control the noise level of the hookah during smoking with a removable diffuser that the Epox 360 is equipped with. In addition, the Epox 360 offers 9 various blowout options, so you can properly highlight your pipe and take amazing shots. With the Aladin Epox models, we offer you high quality at a fair price and simultaneously a great smoking experience.

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