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Aladin Epox Waterpipes

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The Epox line features high-grade waterpipes that have a smoke shaft made from elegant epoxy resin. Every purchase comes with a silicone hose set, and a tobacco head set that includes a chimney attachment, among other things.

We utilize stainless steel in the creation of our Epox waterpipes, a choice that simplifies the cleaning process for you. The unique designs of the smoke shaft distinguish each model.

Our models also come with an adjustable diffuser, enabling you to control the sound produced by the waterpipe while smoking. The Epox collection features a variety of unique purge valve patterns, or Blow-Offs, ensuring your pipe stands out in every gathering. Our Aladin Epox models promise superior quality at an affordable price, along with enjoyable smoking experience.

Visit our online store to purchase Aladin waterpipes available in various sizes and colours.

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