Aladin Epox 425

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Aladin Epox 425 Hookahs

Purchase Aladin Epox 425 Hookahs from the Shisha Tabak Onlineshop

Our Epox 425 models are crafted from high-quality stainless steel with an elegant epoxy resin smoke column. Along with a silicone hose set, you'll find a tobacco head set with a chimney attachment included in the package. The individual models vary in the color of the smoke column. Conveniently, the Bowl is a plug-in Bowl, which makes it extremely easy to swap out on your Aladin Epox 425.

With a removable diffuser, you also have the opportunity to control the noise level of the hookah while smoking. Furthermore, the Epox 425 offers numerous Blow-Off options for venting smoke, which allow you to style your pipe just as you want and capture incredible shots. With the Aladin Epox models, we provide you with high Quality at a fair price along with a tremendous smoking experience.

In our online shop, you can purchase hookahs made by Aladin in a range of sizes and colors.

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