Aladin Epox 360 Pro

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Aladin Epox 360 Pro Hookah Models

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Our Epox 360 Pro variants are constructed from top-tier stainless steel and feature a smoke column fashioned from exquisite epoxy resin. A silicone hose kit and a tobacco head kit, including a chimney accessory, are added bonuses that accompany the models. The color of the smoke column is the distinguishing feature among the individual versions, except for the Pro models, which boast an epoxy resin sleeve with holes for added blow-off possibilities.

These hookahs also come with an attachable diffuser for controlling the sound level produced during a smoking session. Besides, the Epox 360 provides four unique Blow-Offs options, enabling you to showcase your hookah and capture striking images. Our Aladin Epox series assures you of superior quality at a reasonable price, alongside an unforgettable smoking experience.

You can purchase various sizes and colors of the Aladin Epox 360 Pro Hookahs from Aladin through our online store.

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