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The Aeon Edition 4 Hookahs uphold Aeon's tradition of offering the finest upper-tier products, marked by their exquisite design and unrivaled craftsmanship.

As of now, the Edition 4 lineup consists of three distinct versions - Lounge, Basic and Premium.
These models vary in dimensions and features, while maintaining consistent quality.

A 29/2 ground joint at the base provides the facility to affix a different 29/2 smoke column to your Edition 4 with ease. Aeon Hookahs' components are generally interchangeable. The 18/8 grind at the top of the smoke column facilitates the addition of a molasses catcher to your Edition 4, allowing you to further customize its aesthetics and functionality to your preference.

The Lounge model, true to its name, is crafted for use in the hookah-lounge and initially doesn't include a diffuser. Furthermore, it comes with a single connector with an adapter.

The Basic model is a scaled-down variant of the Premium version with marginally fewer attributes.

The Premium model is the ultimate feature bundle, as it comes with an additional detachable dip tube and smoke column, plus a draft reducer for the connector for those who favor a more classic draft.

Aeon Shisha imposes the most rigorous quality benchmarks on its own products, constantly monitoring and maintaining such standards.

At our digital shop, you are able to purchase Aeon Edition 4 Hookahs in different shades.

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