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Aeon Edition 4 Lounge Shisha Pipes

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The Aeon Edition 4 Lounge Shisha Pipes are, as is standard with Aeon, premium high-end offerings defined by their sophisticated design and superior craftsmanship.

Presently, the Edition 4 range includes 3 distinct versions - Lounge, Basic, and Premium.
The models vary in dimensions and included accessories, but the standard of quality remains uniform across all iterations.

The Lounge model, as its name implies, is intended for use in hookah-lounges and does not come with a diffuser. Moreover, it comes with a single connector with an Adapter.

A 29/2 ground joint on the base allows for the easy attachment of various 29/2 smoke columns to your Edition 4. Numerous components of Aeon Shisha Pipes are interchangeable, fostering compatibility. Thanks to the 18/8 grind positioned at the top of the smoke column, one can effortlessly attach a molasses catcher to the Edition 4 to further tailor it visually and functionally to your preferences and to enable greater customization.

The base also houses the well-established Closed Chamber System that enables the easy expulsion of stale smoke from the bowl. The unique blow-out valve channels the smoke upwards along the smoke column when blown out.
Aeon Shishas are produced under rigorous quality control to guarantee top-grade quality.

Aeon Shisha sets the highest quality benchmarks for their own products and adheres to these through ongoing quality supervision.

At our virtual shop, you may purchase Edition 4 Shisha Pipes by Aeon in multiple shades.

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