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The renowned Adalya Tobacco is a leading producer of shisha tobacco globally. First launched in 2013 in Germany, it has continually grown its fanbase and consistently produces new tasty variants. It boasts an array of shisha flavors of unyielding quality you can select from.

Its firm cut ensures quick and simple setup.

We have an impressive collection of premium tobacco for hookah smoking, available in handy 25g packages. Indulge your senses in a variety of aromatic pleasure from our range of flavors.

If you are fond of a particular flavor and would like to relish it in more significant quantities, we offer specially curated 250g packs. Each of these sets has 10 packages of top-notch shisha tobacco, allowing you to buy your preferred flavors in bulk. You're sufficiently stocked with our 250g sets to share unforgettable hookah smoking experiences with your friends or have extended smoking sessions in a comfortable setting.

You can purchase a variety of flavors of Adalya Hookah Tobacco from our online shop.

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